Are you an Auctioneer
Looking For The Best Place to Promote Your Business and Sales?

Here Are Our Fees and How To Get Started

$40.00 per sale ad - NO WORD or TIME LIMITS
$20.00 per significant sale ad update - NO WORD or TIME LIMITS
Corrections/additions/deletions of make, model, size, colour and similar is FREE.
$1.00 per photo submitted before, at the same time as or following your ad,
or in batches as your sale grows over a period of days at any time.

With 10 or more photos we will include a live link in your ad to an address of your choosing.

NO ($0.00) membership or user fees.

$80 per Super Ad which includes a regular ad plus 10 photos and an associated banner ad. The banner ad displays for 6-8 seconds in rotation with up to 9 other banner ads (ten in total) with the order being shuffled several times a day to ensure equitable exposure. For full details of this service go to Super Ads.
Super Ads can be extended for $40 per week.

With your first sale submission we will need a credit card which we would keep on file. We send our month end statements on the first day following the close of a month (for example FEBRUARY 01 for JANUARY 2020). On the fifth day following the close of the month (for example FEBRUARY 05 for JANUARY 2020) we make the charge to your card. The four day interim provides time to reconcile our statement and if necessary to contact us.

When we install your ad into our sale databse (always within 24 hours of receipt) automated tweets are immediately sent to a small but growing following at: Collectively, they currently acheive from 1000 to 10,000+ weekly impressions. Back at our web site we receive 30,000 to 35,000 visitors each week who launch 1000's of searches on our sale database. In the course of a promotion, sale ads are viewed anywhere from 500 to 5000 times or more on average about 1500 times. In addition, your ad is emailed to some of our 25,000 registered subscribers (from 500 to 2000 or more recipients) where interests match sale items. In the last year to date period we sent over 2,700,000 pieces of email on behalf of our auctioneers.

We would need you to fill out our form at before (or at the same time as) the submission of your first sale notice.

Once we have the data from above we build your landing page for visitors to our site to find out about you and your business, and if you have your own domain, we provide a link back to your web site. In addition, a current calendar of sales that links to your detailed ads is maintained for you, with your first submitted ad we announce you from our homepage as a NEW PARTICIPANT and provide a permanent spot alongside all our other regular participants while you continue to use our service. Here is an example of a landing spot:

Sales should be submitted as WORD, TEXT or PDF (EDITABLE) files attached to an email and sent to or, the text of your ad can be dropped into the body of an email and sent as above.

Photos can be attached to an email and sent to us. As you would be aware, smaller photos transmit more efficiently with fewer problems. We ultimately reduce photos to fit a frame that is 640pix high by 1000pix wide, typically around 200,000 bytes or less.

Alternately, and we recommend this, an electronic clickable submission form is available for our auctioneers: SUBMISSIONS. You drop your ad into a box, click some item categories, upload photos and click submit. You do need a password to submit your sale from this form. Once you are installed into our system you can retrieve your password from the submission page.

If you have any questions, you can email us or give us a call and we would be happy to try and answer them for you.

Thom & Judie McLauchlin ~ 613-885-8466