Saturday February 25 2023 Live
Starts at 10:30 AM

6464 Yatton Sideroad
Wallenstein, Ontario

1.5 kms North of Wallenstein on Yatton Sideroad

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Bill Horst

Of Machine Shop Equipment, Shop tools, and Miscellaneous items
To be held for

Paul H.Weber

Equipment: Ryder Horizontal boring mill with 3 axis readout and tailstock support for line boring,24" high x 41" wide x 41" long travel, TOS vertical mill with readout 2 axis and coolant 18" high x 14" wide x 50" long, travel table 16" x 79", Landis cylinder grinder14" x 100" c/w extension to go 120", TOS lathe 18" x 168" bed, 3" bore ,coolant, readout, tail-stock, steady rest, and 4 jaw chuck, Stanko lathe 16" x 60", 3 jaw, 4 jaw, 2 steady rest, coolant air assist, tailstock & readout, Horizontal band saw with coolant, TOS vertical mill FNK 25 w/ 2 axis readout & coolant 11.6" x 49" table, 16" high x 14" wide x 29" long travel, hydraulic press approx. 40 - 50 ton

Shop Tools: 3 knurling tools, parallel set, thread measuring wire set, drill sharpening jig, reamers, milling collet set, Deburring set, boring head & bars, stamp set, bushing removal tool, 8" dial Vernier, dial Vernier 15 mm, distance gauge, 4- dial indicators & magnetic bases, 4" milling cutter, 4" & 6" milling cutters, gauge block set, countersink set, 4 jaw chuck for tailstock, clamping kits, V blocks, vices, centers, dividing head & tailstock, variety of drills up to 2&3/4", reamers, taps, slot drills, variety of angle plates, comparator gauge, Mitutoyo micrometers 12" x 18", 18" x 19", 18" x 24", & 19" x 20" outside, Narex boring head & tools 2 &1/8" travel, gauge block set, Vernier height gauge, key cutting broach set, Mitutoyo Vernier 24" , collet set for mill, Mitutoyo micrometer sets 0"- 6" & 6" - 12" outside, expanding Mandrel set + 5 Mandrels, bore gauge set, Vernier protractor, Starret micrometer set 2" - 12" inside, drill bit set, letter, number & fraction, Mitutoyo micrometer set 2" - 12" inside, radius cutter for lathe,40" Vernier Kanon, milling cutter holding set, carbide inserts, Narex boring head set 1&3/8" travel, ½" drive socket set, 2" travel jeweled indicator teclock, boring head bar set, heavy duty chain hoist w/ 3 ton hook, snap ring plier set, plus more useful items too numerous to mention.

Miscellaneous Items: TMC WB24 heavy duty wheel balancer (never used), variety of steel shafting stainless and heat treated, steel shelving, filing cabinet, steel cabinet, lg. wooden 10 drawer chest, western saddle, used truck & tractor seats.

This is a sale not to miss for anyone in the market for quality
machine shop equipment and tools ...

Sale will be in door. Lunch Booth on site

For more information call Paul at 519-669-9481 or cell: 519-879-9471

View photos at

Cash or cheque with proper I.D.
No debit or credit cards. No buyers’ premium.
Proprietor & auctioneers not responsible for
accidents, injury, or loss of purchase.
Verbal announcements take precedence over advertising.

Bill Horst (519) 577-0011

Saturday February 25 2023 Closing

438280 4th Line
Melancthon, Ontario

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Kidd Family Auctions

Wednesday February 22 2023
Thursday February 23 2023
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FEATURING: A Large Qty Of New, Used And Antique Firearms By
Makers Like Winchester; Savage; Cooey; Ruger; Ithaca; Smith &
Wesson; Remington; Marlin; Weatherby; Colt, Mossberg; Stevens;
Enfield; Baikal; Henry; Kimber; High Standard; Webley; Hatsan;
Browning, Sharpes, Parker Bros. And More.

As well as firearms this auction will have a large quantity
of new Hunting Gear; Militaria, Ammo, Brass & Bullets;
Vintage Publications; Edged Weapons; Gun Parts;
Reloading Tools; etc.

If you want to talk about buying and selling
long guns, edged weapons, ammo, etc.
then we’re here to chat.


“Let us treat you like family too”.
Call, Text or Email Anytime!! 519-938-7499 519-938-1315