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Wednesday February 15 2017
Multiple Previews As Noted In Ad

Bryan's Auction Services Ltd
Bryan's Farm & Industrial Supply Ltd
4062 Highway 6
Puslinch, Ontario

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Timed Online Only Auction

Municipal, Farm & Heavy Equipment, Vehicles,
Home Renovation & Building Materials & more

Saturday, February 11th @ 12:00pm

Wednesday, February 15th
with items closing/selling
continuously throughout the day.


Accepting pre-booked consignment.
Please note all consignments must be booked in ahead of time.

Saturday, February 11th - 8:00am to 12:00pm
Monday, February 13th - 8:00am to 5:00pm
Tuesday, February 14th - 8:00am to 5:00pm
Wednesday, February 15th - 8:00am to 5:00pm
***Please note new winter hours, no preview after dark***

Cash, Debit, Bank Draft, Visa, Master Card, Certified Cheque,
Company Cheque w/a bank letter guaranteeing an
Irrevocable payment to Bryan's Auction Services Ltd.
All purchases are subject to a 13% BUYERS PREMIUM.
A 3% discount to the buyers premium will apply
for those invoice(s) paid in FULL by cash, certified
cheque, bank draft or debit ONLY.
NO discount will apply whatsoever for any
partial or combination of payments with credit card.
Please note the buyers premium is a taxable service.


Bryan's Auction Services Ltd
Bryan's Farm & Industrial Supply Ltd
4062 Hwy 6 S,m Puslinch, Ontario

Saturday January 28 2017
Sale Starts At 9:30 AM
Preview 8:00 AM

Jacob Auction Centre,
185 Herbert Street
Mitchell, Ontario

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Toy Auction

Of Farm and Construction Toys; Literature; and Related Misc. Items

Including: Approx. 400 lots to include farm & construction toys of all colours and mostly being 1/16 scale; collector banks; Gerry Maier Plow; and farm equipment sales literature. Toy makers include SpecCast, Ertl, Yoder, TCT, Lincoln, etc. An older collection.

Also available as an "XLXS" Spreadsheet - Click here!

A1MF #72 Combine brochure
A2 H, M, and MD Farmall tractor brochure
A3MF #9 and MF #10 Baler brochures (2pcs)
A4 1965 IH Farm Catalogue
A51966 IH Farm Catalogue
A61967 IH Farm Catalogue
A7McCormick Ensilage Cutter Booklets (2pcs)
A8McCormick WD40 Tractor Fold Out Brochure
A91954 MH Tractor Catalogue/1953 MH Equip. Catalogue (no cover)
A10Ford 8N/Dearborn Equipment brochure
A11Older Gehl Mixmill/MF Industrial loader brochures (2pcs)
A12AC 1940's Tractor/Equipment brochure
A13AC B and C 40 page tractor brochure
A14AC Family Farming with WC tractor brochure (40 pages)
A15NH Hayliner 65/270/271 baler literature (2pcs +)
A16New Idea equipment brochures (3pcs)
A171968 IH Equip. catalogue
A181969 IH Equip. catalogue
A191970 IH Equip. catalogue
A201947/1963 The Furrow magazines (2pcs)
A21Leo Kenny 1955-56 Pocket Ledger
A221968 Chev Car literature
A23Irvings 1945 Tractor Parts catalogue
A241960's IH Canadian Farming magazines (7pcs)
A251977 NH Buyers Guide
A26MM Universal Z tractor brochure (24 pages)
A27MM Standard U tractor brochure (12 pages)
A28MM GT tractor brochure (8 pages)
A29IH 1980 Buyers Guide
A30IH 1982 Buyers Guide
A311968 Chev Owners Manual and Protection Plan (2pcs)
A32(7pcs) Misc. old Farm Booklets - Livestock/Safety etc.
A33Late 60's Ford Tractor and Equipment Brochure (32 pages)
A34IH Manure Spreader brochure (2pcs)
E1Kramer 4507 Telehandler 1/32 UH Y
E2McCormick CX105 1/32 UH Y
E3MF 135 1/32 UH Y
E4McCormick MC130 1/32 UH Y
E5Neuson Self Propelled dump cart 1/50 UH Y
E6Neuson Self Propelled dump cart 1/50 UH Y
E7Gallignani Round Baler 1/32 UH Y
E8Fordson Super Major 1/16 UH Y
E9Agrisem CombiMulcher 1/32 ReplicagriY
E10Agrisem DiscOSem DS1100 1/32 Replicagri Y
E11Deutz DX230 1/32 Schuco Y
E12McCormick MTX145 1/32 UH Y
E13Ford T7050 1/32 ROSY
E14Versatile 310 1/32 Ertl Y
E15Kramer 750T Payloader 1/50 UH Y
E16Claas 836RZ Tractor 1/32 UH Y
E17Strautmann 1251 Vertimixer 1/32 UHY
1Oliver 1655 Ertl 1/16 2002 CIFES Y
2McCormick corn picker 1/16 Ertl 1990 SE Y
3JD BR 1/16 Ertl 1988 SE Y
4Case 855C crawler loader 1/35 NZGY
5Case 850D crawler dozer 1/35 NZG Y
6MH 22 (narrow) 1/16 TCT
7MH 33 (narrow) 1/16 Ertl
8Ford Golden Jubilee 1/16 Ertl '03 CIFES Y
9Case JLE 1/16 Scale Models '86 Summer Toy Festival Y
10MH 44 (narrow) 1/16 Ertl
11CIH 8920 1/16 Ertl Y
12Farmall Cub 1/16 Ertl Y
13Ford 8N 1/16 Ertl Y
14Case 855D crawler loader 1/35 NZG Y
15Case 855D crawler loader 1/35 NZG
16IH 1466 1/16 Ertl '90 SE Y
17IH 966 1/16 Ertl '91 SE Y
18IHC 66 Series #2 Ertl Y
19IHC 66 Series #5 Ertl Y
20IHC 66 Series #8 Ertl Y
21CIH MX 255 1/64 ErtlY
22CIH MX240 1/64 Ertl '99 Farm Show Ed. Y
23MF 1500 1/64 Ertl '04 National Farm Toy Show Y
24CIH 7250 1/64 Ertl '94 Farm Show Ed.Y
25AC 8550 1/64 '91 Gateway ShowY
26AC D12 1/16 Speccast '93 Tractor Classics
27AC B 1/16 TCT
28MF 3070 1/16 Ertl Y
29MF 4270 1/16 Scale Models '98 Louisville ShowY
30JD 2640 1/16 Ertl '90 SE Field of Dreams Y
31English Fordson 1/16 Ertl '90 CIFES Y
32JD 3020 3pth 1/16 Ertl (played with)
33AC D17 narrow 1/16 Scale Models Y
34JD 630 1/16 Ertl '88 Toy FarmerY
35McCormick W30 1/16 Speccast Y
36Case 930 Comfort King 1/16 Ertl
37Case 930 Comfort King 1/16 TCT
38Cat D10 dozer with ripper 1/50 ConradY
39Cat D400 dump truck 1/50 Conrad Y
40JD 8430 1/16 Ertl '91 Elmira Toy ShowY
41Farmall F20 SE 1/16 ErtlY
42JD A 1/16 Ertl 50th Anniv. Y
43Case 350 1/16 TCT
44CIH 7130 1/16 Ertl '92 Victoria County IPMY
45Farmall 706 1/16 Ertl '96 Kentucky FFAY
46Farmall Super M-TA 1/16 Ertl '91 Toy FarmerY
47Farmall Cub 1/16 Ertl (red) Y
48IH Cub 1/16 ErtlY
49MH 55 1/16 Ertl Y
50JD G 1/16 Ertl 50th Anniv. CE Y
51AC D17 1/16 Scale Models Y
52MF 135 1/32 Universal HobbiesY
53Farmall A 1/16 Ertl '91 Anniv. CE Y
54JD MI 1/16 Ertl Y
55Case 580K backhoe 1/32 Ertl
56JD 8560 1/64 ErtlCard
57JD 9400 1/64 Ertl Card
58JD 7800/ 6400w/loader/ 6400 4WD 1/64 Ertl (3pcs)Card
59MH 333 narrow 1/16 Scale ModelsY
60JD E Stationary Engine 1/6 Ertl Y
61IHC Famous Stationary Engine 1/8 ErtlY
62MH 101 1/16 SC '90 Toy Festival `Y
63Ferguson 35 1/16 Ertl
64IH Cub 1/16 Ertl '91 SE
65MH Twin Power Challanger 1/64 SC '94 Louisville ShowY
66MF 135 1/16 Scale ModelsY
67McCormick Deering 15-30 1/16 Scale Models '94 Georgian Toy ShowY
68MH 44 Special 1/16 Ertl '91 CIFES Y
69IH 1026 Gold Demonstrator 1/16 Ertl '96 CE
70Farmall 350 1/16 Ertl '86 Canada Farm Show
71Texaco Firechief Model A Tanker BankY
72Texaco Petroleum Model A Tanker BankY
73MH Model A Tanker BankY
74Speccast News Model A Tanker BankY
75MF 50-E with loader 1/16 Ertl Y
76IH 1568 1/16 ErtlY
77Case 800 1/16 Ertl '90 National Toy ShowY
78MF 590 1/16 Ertl '80 National Toy Show
79MF 2805 1/16 Ertl
80McCormick Deering on steel 1/16 TCT
81MH 22 1/16 TCT
82JD A 1/16 Ertl (1 of 5000) '90 Wyoming Centennial
83Case VAC 1/16 TCT
84CIH C100 1/16 Ertl Y
85Rumley Oil Pull 1/16 Scale Models Y
86AC D17 (narrow) 1/16 Scale Models '90 National Toy Show Y
87McCormick W4 1/16 C and M '90 Lafayette ShowY
88MF 3070 1/16 Ertl Y
89Case on Steel (green) 1/16 Scale Models Y
90Premier Gasoline '31 Hawkeye Tanker Bank 1/34 Ertl Y
91Agco Tanker Bank 1/34 Scale Models Y
92Galt Police '36 Dodge Panel Delivery Bank 1/28 Liberty Y
93Dyersville Lions '95 National Toy Show '42 Chev Van Bank 1/28 Liberty Y
94Cockshutt 1555 1/16 Ertl '94 CIFES Y
95JD 70 1/16 Ertl '96 National Toy Museum Y
96CIH 7250 1/16 Ertl 50th Ed.Y
97Case Kerosene on steel 1/16 Scale Models Y
98Case cross mount on steel 1/16
99Case 2390 1/16 Ertl
100MH 44 1/16 TCT
101MH 44 narrow with man on seat 1/16
102MH 33 with Western Fenders 1/16 TCT Y
103Ford 9N 1/16 Ertl '85 Toy Tractor TimesY
104MF Kenworth Semi 1/64 Liberty Y
105Montreal Expos truck bank 1/25 Ertl 1st in seriesY
106Blue Jays truck bank 1/25 Ertl 1st in seriesY
107Blue Jays truck bank 1/25 Ertl 2nd in seriesY
108Blue Jays Baseline Boppers (carded)
109AC D12 1/16 Ertl
110Case 580D Backhoe 1/35 ConradY
111Case 580F Backhoe 1/35 ConradY
112Farmall M Series #2 1/64 ErtlY
113MF 398 1/16 Ertl Y
114AC G 1/16 Scale Models Y
115IH 1456 1/16 Ertl '95 Gold DemonstratorY
116Farmall Super M-TA 1/16 Yoder
117McCormick 1020 1/16 TCT '88 Seaforth Show
118Cat lift truck 1/25 NZG
119Case 95XT heavy lift skid steer 1/32 ConradY
120JD 720 diesel 1/16 Yoder wide frontY
121IH 1586 1/16 Ertl '89 Schomberg ShowY
122IH 660 Wheatland 1/16 '89 Franklin Toy Show (no muffler)Y
123JD LA 1/16 SC '92 Great American Show Y
124AC WD45 1/16 Ertl '89 CIFES Y
125Case 1070 Agri King 1/16 ErtlY
126Kitchener Police '37 Panel Bank 1/25 Liberty Y
127Imperial Oil 1925 Kenworth Bank 1/38 Ertl Y
128Tin Model A bankY
129Case 590 Turbo Backhoe 1/35 ConradY
130JD backhoe 1/35 Ertl
131Cat 85D Challanger 1/64
132MF 135 1/16 Scale ModelsY
133MH Challanger Twin Power 1/16 SC '94 Louisville ShowY
134AC 190 1/16 Ertl
135AC 170 1/16 SC '91 Keystone Safety Tractor
136MF 2775 1/16 Ertl
137MH 203G on steel 1/16
138(4) Cat Construction Toys 1/64 Ertl (sell on choice)
139White Work Horse set 1/64 (3pcs)
140Set of 4 - White American 60's 1/64
141Set of 4 - White American 60's 1/64 '91 Show Tractor
142Set of 4 - White American 80 SE 1/64
142ASet of 4 - White American 80's 1/64
143MF 275 1/16 Ertl Y
144Case No. 1 steam engine 1/16 Scale ModelsY
145IH 1026 Hydro 1/16 Ertl (played with)
146Farmall 656 1/16 Ertl
147Farmall 1256 1/16 Ertl
148JD 30 Series 3pc Historical Set Y
149JD 4pc Historical Set (damaged box)Y
150Case 1170 Agri King 1/43 Ertl '96 Toy FarmerY
151Case 800 1/43 Ertl '90 Toy Farmer Y
152McCormick Super M-TA 1/43 Ertl '91 Toy FarmerY
153MF 1155 1/64 Ertl 2000 Toy FarmerY
154JD 5020 1/16 Ertl 1st CIFES Y
155AC D21 1/16 Ertl '96 CIFES Y
156JD AR 1/16 Ertl '99 CIFES Y
157AC B (narrow) 1/16
158Case VAC (narrow) 1/16 Scale Models '86 Summer Toy Festival
159IH 1920 Truck Bank 1/25 ErtlY
160Case 1923 Chev Truck Bank 1/25 ErtlY
161National Toy Show Model T Delivery Bank 1/25 Ertl Y
162Case Threshing 1920 IH Truck Bank 1/25 Scale Models Y
163Farmall 806 1/16 Scale Models '91 Woodstock Show Y
164Farmall 706 1/16 Scale Models '92 Woodstock ShowY
165Farmall 1206 1/16 Scale Models '93 Woodstock Show Y
166IH 886 1/16 Ertl
167Case 1905 Ford Delivery Bank 1/25 Ertl Y
168Case 1920 Truck Ban k 1/25 Scale ModelsY
169Case 1913 Model T Bank 1/25 Ertl Y
1704 tractors MF/AC/Ford/CIH 1/64 sold on choice
171Farmall 756 1/16 Scale Models '94 Woodstock Show Y
172CIH 695 1/16 Scale Models '95 Woodstock Show Y
173CIH Quad Trac 1/16 Scale ModelsY
174CIH MX270 1/16 Ertl (plaque with 2275 of 3300)Y
175AC D19 1/16 Ertl '89 Toy FarmerY
176JD 720 HiCrop 1/16 Ertl '90 Two Cylinder ExpoY
177MH Challanger 1/16 Ertl '91 CEY
178Fordson Model F 1/16 ErtlY
179MH Pony 1/16 '86 Toy Tractor Times (broken steering wheel) Y
180CIH MX240 Magnum 1/64 Ertl '99 Farm Show Y
181CIH Magnum 1/64 Ertl Great Parts EncounterY
182CIH 5130 1/64 Ertl '93 Milwaukee Trade Fair Y
183Case 1845C Skidsteer 1/64 Ertl '96 Case Trade Fair Y
184(6) Versatile Articulating Tractors (selling on choice) 1/64
185MH 33 narrow 1/16 Ertl '97 CIFESY
186MH 44 SE 1/16 Ertl Y
187IH 1466 1/16 Ertl
188IH 5488 1/16 Ertl
189Cockshutt 1750 1/16 TCT '90 Teeswater Show (no air breather)
190Farmall Cub SE 1/16 Ertl Y
191Cockshutt 1650 1/16 TCT '89 Teeswater ShowY
192JD G 1/16 Ertl Y
193AC Tricycle on steel #3 1/16 Scale ModelsY
194JD 4pc Historical Set (2 sold on choice)Y
195AC Ford Model A Tanker Bank 1/25 Liberty Y
196MF Bulldog Stake Truck Bank 1/25 ErtlY
197MH 1st in a Series Model A Delivery Bank 1/25 SCY
198MF 1937 Chev Panel Bank 1/25 LibertyY
199Farmall F20 Precision (red on rubber)Y
200Farmall F20 Precision (grey on steel) Y
201CIH 2594 1/16 Ertl Las Vegas Show
202AC D17 narrow 1/16 Scale Models '96 Louisville Show Y
203AC WC steel wheel 1/16 Scale Models '86 Louisville Show Y
204IH 5288 1/16 Ertl
205Ford 1710 1/16 Ertl CE Y
206Deutz Diesel 1936 1/16 Scale Models Y
207MH Pacemaker 1/16 Scale Models Y
208Case 800 1/16 Ertl '90 National Toy ShowY
209Case 1170 Agri King 1/16Ertl '96 Toy FarmerY
210Deutz Allis 1905 Delivery Bank 1/25 ErtlY
211MF Model T Runabout Bank 1/25 ErtlY
212AC 1926 Mack Delivery bank 1/25 ErtlY
213Cat 428C Backhoe 1/50 NorscottY
21450th Anniv. 6pc Tractor Set ErtlY
215Case 4994 Dealer Edition 1/16 ErtlY
216CIH Magnum MX 285 Demonstrator 1/16 ErtlY
217CIH 4230 1/16 Scale Models Y
218JD 5010-I 1/16 ErtlY
219NH 8260 1/16 Ertl '97 Toy FarmerY
220CIH 8950 Magnum 1/16 ErtlY
221Deutz Allis 6260 1/16 ErtlY
222Ford NAA Golden Jubilee 1/16 ErtlY
223IH Cub (red) 1/16 ErtlY
224AC 190XT 1/16 Scale Models '93 Louisville ShowY
225JD A 1/16 Ertl '93 CIFES Y
226Farmall F20 on steel 1/16 Ertl '92 CIFES Y
227Farmall Super MTA 1/16 Ertl '95 Kentucky FFAY
228CIH 4994 1/35 Conrad Y
229CIH 7240 1/16 ErtlY
230MH 55 Western 1/16 Ertl '92 Toy FarmerY
231MF 270 1/16 ErtlY
232MH Challenger 1/16 TCT
233(13) Scale Models Museum Plastic Tractors (sell on choice)
234MF 1250 1/16 Scale Models '97 Louisville Show Y
235MF 135 1/16 Scale Models '95 Louisville Show Y
236Ford 5000 Super Major CE 1/16 ErtlY
237Farmall H narrow 1/16 Ertl Y
238AC WD45 narrow 1/16 Ertl '89 CIFES Y
239Cockshutt 30 1/16 TCT '88 Teeswater Show
240AC U 1/16 Scale Models '92 Louisville Show Y
241Farmall 806 1/16 Ertl 2000 CIFES Y
242MF 175 1/16 Ertl
243(3pcs) Case L and Case 500/AC on steel/Deutz 6260 1/64 on cardsy
244(29) JD 1/64 tractors sell on choice
245Farmall 300 and 400 Tractors 1/16 SC 50th Anniv. Y
246Case 580 Super E Backhoe 1/16 Ertl Y
247Farmall F20 on steel 1/16 Ertl '92 CIFES Y
248Case L 1/16 Ertl '88 CIFES Y
249Case DC4 1/16 Liberty '95 USA Plowing Match Y
250Ford 981 Select-O-Speed narrow 1/16 ErtlY
251Cat IH Semi with Cat 45 tractor
252(10) Cat Challengers (sell on choice) 1/64
253Case 400 Diesel 1/16 Yoder '86 Lafayette Show Y
254Case L 1/16 Ertl '87 SE Y
255IH Hydro 1566 Customized 1/16 Ertl
256IH Turbo 1456 1/16 Ertl
257(11pcs) Misc. Implements 1/64 (on choice)
258(12pcs) Misc. Constrcution 1/64 (on choice)
259Cockshutt 70 narrow (red) 1/16 Scale Models Y
260JD MFWD 4850 1/16 Ertl Y
261JD 3020 1/16 Ertl
262MF 1130 1/16 Scale Models Y
263Ford 8N with plow 1/16 Ertl '95 CIFES Y
264AC C 1/16 Scale Models '94 Louisville Show Y
265MF 3070 1/16 Ertl
266(12) Deutz Allis tractors 1/64 (on choice)
267Farmall 460 Precision Y
268Farmall (grey) on steel Precision Y
269AC WD Precision Y
270(11) Miniature AC Tractors (on choice)
271Deutz Allis 8030 1/16 Ertl Y
272IH TD-14A Crawler 1/16 SCY
273Case 580H Backhoe 1/35
274IH 5288 1/16 ErtlY
275JD 60 Orchard 1/16 Ertl '93 SE Y
276MH 555 1/16 Ertl '94 CEY
277MH 44 Row Crop 1/16 Ertl '92 Palmerston ShowY
278IH 606 1/16 Scale Models Y
279MH 101 1/16 SCY
280Case VA 1/16 Ertl '92 Toy Tractor Times Y
281McCormick WD-9 1/16 ErtlY
282(2pcs) AC D19 and D21 1/35 Ertl
283(16) AC tractors 1/64 (on choice)
284CIH 7140 1/16 Ertl
285MF 1155 1/16 Ertl
286Case 2590 1/16 Ertl
287MF 698 1/16 Ertl
288JD 4020 puller tractor 1/16 Ertl
289JD 4020 PrecisionY
290Farmall F-20 Precision (red)Y
291CIH Magnum 7150 1/16 Ertl Y
2921962 Pontiac Catalina 1/18 American MuscleY
293CIH 7220 in wrong box 1/16 Ertl Y
294IH 1566 SE 1/16 Ertl Y
295AC D14 1/16 SC '89 Summer Festival Y
296JD D 1/16 Ertl Y
297JD R Waterloo Boy 1/16 Ertl (silver rad)Y
298JD R Waterloo Boy 1/16 Ertl CEY
299MH 44 1/16 Lincoln with wooden wheels
300MH 44 1/16 TCT
301CIH 7120 1/16 Ertl Y
302CIH 2594 1/16 Ertl Y
303Ford TW-25 1/16 Scale Models Y
304CIH 5120 1/16 Ertl SEY
305CIH 9280 1/16 Scale Models Limited EditionY
306Case 2594 1/16 ErtlY
307IH Hydro 100 ROPS 1/16 SEY
308MH 102 1/16 Tractor Classics 1 of 200Y
309JD 720 HiCrop 1/16 Ertl Y
310Farmall 706 1/16 ErtlY
311CIH 5130 1/16 Ertl '90 Georgian Show Y
312CIH 7130 1/16 Ertl Y
313JD A with man 1/16 Ertl 40th Anniv. Y
314Deutz Allis 9150 1/16 Ertl '88 Orlando Show Y
315JD backhoe 1/16 Ertl
316IH Backhoe 1/16 Ertl
317MF 1105 1/16 Ertl
318Case VAC 1/16 Ertl Y
319JD 12A Pull Type Combine 1/16 Ertl 50th Anniv. Y
320Cat D11N with ripper 1/50 Conrad (1 of 5000)Y
321Auto Trac '97 Simcoe IPM with Medallion
322IH 3588 2+2 1/16 Ertl Y
323Case 580B backhoe 1/16 Gescha (loose front axle)Y
324JD 620 Orchard 1/16 Ertl '92 Two Cylinder ClubY
325MH 33 narrow 1/16 Ertl '87 Toy FarmerY
326AC 220 1/16 Ertl Y
327AC 220 1/16 Ertl Y
328Farmall F12 1/16 Scale Models '91 Farm ProgressY
329MH 44 narrow 1/16 ErtlY
330JD 720 narrow 1/16 Yoder (decals in box) box is poorY
331Case 600 1/16 ErtlY
332IH 1066 5,000,000th 1/16 ErtlY
333CIH Magnum 7210 1/16 Ertl Y
334Oliver 880 narrow 1/16 SC '92 Tractor ClassicsY
335Oliver 88 1/16 SC '92 Show Ed. Y
336CIH 5250 Maxxum 1/16 ErtlY
337JD 6200 1/16 Ertl Y
338JD 4455 1/16 Ertl '91 IPMY
339McCormick 3-furrow trail plow by Gerry Maier
340IH 684 1/16 Scale Models '97 Woodstock Show Y
341IH 1468 V8 1/16 ErtlY
342Cat 2 ton crawler 1/16 ErtlY
343IH TD-340 Crawler 1/16 ErtlY
344JD A with Cultivator PrecisionY
345JD A PrecisionY
346IH 1066 1/16 Ertl (March 1991)
347Farmall 300 with loader 1/16 SC '08 CIFESY
348Oliver 1950T 1/16 Ertl '02 National Show Y
349MH #2 1/16 TCT '97 Canadian Field Days (with showcase)
350CIH 4994 battery operated with trailer and spreader Ertl
351Co-Op tractor 1/16 Scale Models Y
352CIH 7240 1/16 ErtlY
353AC B 1/16 Scale Models '91 Louisville Farm Show Y
354IH 5288 1/16 Ertl Y
355Ernst Bros. Mount Forest Threshing Machine 2000 IPM
356Robert Bell Imperial Super Drive 22-40 TCT '94 Seaforth Show
357Case 45hp Steam Engine 1/16 Scale Models
358AC D17 1/16 Scale Models '91 Summer Toy Festival Y
359Farmall 806 1/16 TCT '90 Seaforth Toy Show Y
360CIH 3294 1/16 Ertl '91 FormosaY
361CIH 2594 1/16 Ertl (Red) '91 Formosa Show Y
362Cockshutt 40 1/16 '86 Museum SetY
363Cockshutt 50 1/16 '86 Museum SetY
364Cockshutt 40 Blackhawk 1/16 '86 Museum Set Y
365Cockshutt 570 1/16 '87 Museum Set Y
366Cockshutt 560 1/16 '87 Museum Set Y
367Cockshutt 570 Super 1/16 '87 Museum SetY
368Case 1030 Comfort King Precision Y
369AC D17 Precision Y
370Case 930 Comfort King Precision Y
371Farmall Cub Cadet 1/16 Ertl Y
Note: Sale order will follow catalogue order. Sale will start with literature followed by toys. This catalogue is to be used as a guide only. Estate nor auctioneers not responsible for errors or omissions

10% buyer premium in effect.
This is the first of three sales for this estate.

Estate of Al Rowan with a few additions

David and Doug Jacob 519-348-9896

Tuesday January 24 2017
Sale Starts At 9:30 AM
Multiple Previews As Noted In Ad

Stock Auctions Ltd.
4222 Perth County Line 36
Stratford, Ontario

(1 Road North of Hwy 8)

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Antiques, Advertising & Collectables, Gold & Silver Jewellery,
Store Counters, Flat to the Wall, Furniture

Preview: Monday & Day of Sale

Cardboard Signs and Displays For: Automatic Wringers, Kem-Tone Trims, Waugh & McKewn Brushes, Buy A New Electric Range, Jack All Jacks from JC Hallman Mfg Co Waterloo Ont, Inglis Decal, Matchbox Decal, Sea Master Fishing Floats Display Box with Misc Fishing Items, Rostock Cream Can, Cast Single Pedestal Water Tank Stand, Clear and Coloured Crown Fruit Jars, Set of Antique Blue, White and Red Window Buntings, Cloth Union Jack Flags, Pro Hardware Flag, Winchester Paper Duck Targets, Goodrich Selectomatic Belt Measurer, Wall Mount Drills by Atlas Display Rack with Small Sign, NIB Benjamin Moore Paint Shaker, 2 Lockable Table Top Display Cabinets, 2 Freestanding Chrome Square Product Bins, Cast Iron Water Pumps, Galvanized Tubs and Pails, Old Buzz Saw Blades, Crocks, Crockery Foot Warmer, Old License Plates, Wooden Shipping Crates, Faux Wood Finish Tin Medicine Cabinet, Wooden Cigar Boxes, Coke Bottles, Gretzky Coke Ad, Wooden Coke Crates, Counter Top Paper Roll Holder, Antique Underwood Typewriter, Westcast Book and Cast Pieces, Elvis Memorabilia including a Red and a White 45 Record with Original Cardboard Sleeves, Retro Dual Lens Microfiche Reader Machine, Wooden Cabinet Table Top Radio, 3 Horn University Outside Speaker Unit Model 1B-A8, Isophon Box Speaker, NOS GE, Westinghouse and Sylvania Bulbs and Tubes, Antique Cast Hardware, Old Wooden Pulley in Cast Frame, Cast Iron Hinge Lid Tractor Tool Box, 2 Metal Lincoln Toy Trucks, Repro Cast Team and Wagon

10, 14, and 18 K Gold Rings, 10K Necklace, Quantity of Sterling Silver Rings, Sterling Necklaces and Bracelets, Birks Serving Small Round Dish, Sterling Compact, 1920's, 30's & 40's Canadian Nickel Coins, Misc Stamps, Framed 1961 Teeswater Fire Department Photo, Framed Original Work Winter Scene Painting

Etched Glass Shade, Glass Prism Light Fixtures and Table Lamps, Quantity of Cornflower Glass including Round Platters, Vinegar Cruet, Stemware and Glasses, Cranberry Glass, Pressed Glass, Mid Century Modern Lidded Bowl Set, MCM Green Flowered Hamper and Waste Bin, Blue Mountain Pottery, McCoy Wishing Well Cookie Jar, Figural Decanters, Cups and Saucers including Royal Albert, Tiered Dainties Plate - Royal Albert, Partial Set of Alfred Meakin "Bleu de Roi" Dishes including 2 Oval Platters and Gravy Boat, Selection of White Restaurant Ware Dishes, Set of Flatware in Wooden Case, Kitchen Utensils, Cast Pot w Lid

Hotwheels Cars New in Package, Tin Train, Fisher Price Barn and Silo, Tonka Trucks, Bridgestone Transport, Car Hauler Transport, 2 XBOX 360 Consoles, Many XBOX 360 Games, Sports Figurines, Sports Cards, French Montreal Canadians Poster, New Old Stock Hockey Helmets and Jerseys, Baseball Gloves and Balls, 3 New Old Stock Broomball Brooms, 2 Ellice Township Hard Cover History Books, Model Train Magazines, Small Student Electric Guitar and Amp
Selling a Small Selection of Bicycles for the Stratford Police Services after 3:00pm, Volt Canada Electric Scooter Selling AS IS and No Charger

Several Life Edge Slab Wood, 30 Wide Pine Planks approx. 4' tall, Antique Wooden Wheel Barrow, Antique Wooden Panel Door Insert with Oval Bevelled Glass, Pair of Antique Wooden 4 Panel Pocket Doors, Old Wooden Round Top Window Frame, Wooden Step Ladders, Cart of Square Laminate Flooring, Round Hanging Convex Mirror, White Outdoor 8HP/26" Snow Blower, Push Lawn Mowers, Craftsman Table Saw, Pair of Zero Gravity Chairs, Rectangular Patio Table and 4 Chairs, Cardio Style Elliptical Exercise Machine, 6 Large Industrial Factory Lights with Socket Mounts and Wire Cage Covers
Panelled Store Counter with Trim Pieces 8' 9" long by 26" wide, Brown Painted Store Counter with 4 Large Drawers with Cast Pulls, 6' 1" long by 31" wide, Green Painted Multi Board Top Store Counter with 4 Large Drawers with Cast Pulls 6' long by 30" wide, 24+ Antique Wooden Large Counter Drawers - Most in Paint with Cast Pulls, Large Wooden Table Top, 2 Sets of 9 Industrial Stacking Sorting Bins, Refinished 2 Piece Flat to the Wall, 1940's Walnut Dining Room Suite with Table, 6 Chairs, Single Door China Cabinet and Matching Sideboard with Hinged Lid Flatware Drawer, Pine Harvest Style Draw Table with 2 Leaves and 6 Chairs, Large Formal Sideboard, Modern 2 Piece Open Dish Cupboard, Set of 4 Wooden Kitchen Chairs, Pair of Bar Stools, 3 Piece Wall Unit, Phone Table, Retro Hostess Chairs, White Claw Foot Side Chair, Wooden Rocking Chairs, Cedar Chest, Cloth Covered Sofa Bed, Pair of Matching Light Tone Sofas, Brown Cloth Lazy Boy Recliner, Oval Oak Coffee Table and Matching End Table, Large Square Dark Finish Pine Coffee Table, Brown Cloth Covered King Size Headboard, Modern Kroehler Bedroom Suite with Queen/Double Headboard, Large Dresser with Mirror, Tall Dresser and 1 Nightstand, Set of Wooden Bunk Beds, 1940"s Wooden Bedroom Set with Double Bed, Small Dresser with Round Mirror and Tall Dresser, Modern Bedroom Set with Tall Dresser, Vanity and Mirror and Pair of 2 Drawer Nightstands, Refinished Antique 3 Drawer Cherry Dresser with Moustache Pulls, Glove Boxes and Swing Mirror, Refinished Antique 4 Drawer Cherry Chest with Moustache Pulls, Painted Dressers, Refinished Washstand with Drawer over 2 Doors and Towel Harp, Wardrobe Cabinet with Mirrored Door and Drawers, Metal 2 Door Storage Cabinets

Stainless Steel Industrial Gas Range with Multi Burners, Grill and Double Oven, Table Top Electric Meat Slicer, Stand Alone Bar Unit, Older Fridge and 24" Gas Stove, 36' Gas Stove, GE Profile Dryer

Many Consignments Arrive to Late to Advertise
Announcements Day of Sale Take Precedence
Owners & Auctioneer Not Responsible for Accidents
10% Buyer's Premium in Effect

Cash or Cheque with I.D., Visa, Master Card & Debit

Next Auctions
Please Check for Updates

Open Weekdays by Chance or Appointment
Consignments Accepted by Appointment ONLY

Auctioneer: Stock Auctions Ltd.
F. Leo Stock
Stratford, Ontario(519) 271-8788

Saturday January 21 2017
Sale Starts At 9:30 AM

27983 Talbot Trail
Wallacetown, Ontario

West of Wallacetown.

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Auction Sale

Of Tractors, Machinery, Vegetable & Fruit Supplies & Equipment
for Empire Valley Farm & Market

Case 1690 diesel tractor with cab, MF Industrial 202 tractor forklift, MF 65 diesel tractor with high arch, two Farmall 130 cultivating tractors, Farmall 140 cult tractor, Cockshutt 1600 tractor, Ford LS 45 riding mower 42" deck, 1988 Ford ECO bus as is, 1980 Ford 350 cargo van as is, 1967 Mercury stake truck as is, JD snowmobiles

Hardi 650 gal sprayer with 60 ft twin air boom, Hardi TR 300 gal sprayer, Hagie highboy sprayer, JD 7200 conservation maximerge 4 row corn planter, McKee 18 ft pull type land cult, IH 370 - 14ft wheel disc, JD 9ft wheel disc, NH 513 single axle double beater manure spreader, JD 3pth 4 row cult, Two 1250 water tanks, 3 flat rack wagons, V box, 22ft truck frame wagon,

Vegetable Machinery & Supplies
Mechanical 3pth carousel planter, pull type 2 row hoeing attachment, 1 row 3pth hoeing attachment, Holland 1 row finger planter, 1 row veg planter, two 18 ft high clearance harvesting trailer, RJ 4 row plug planter, 3pth 2 row squash & pumpkin planter, straw chopper for straw berries, 24" MMC tomato wash line & sizer, 24" grape tomato packing line Georgia Equipment, VBM pepper line, Bartlett bin dumper, Bartlett pre-inspection belt, (The Baby) antique cucumber & potato grader, ESS green house sprayer, air pruners, 19 green pails, 38 yellow pails, 15 small yellow pails, 24 red half bushel hampers, cucumber grader, 1080 plastic hampers, 275 beige plastic harvest trays, 375 plastic grey harvest lugs, 108 black plastic trays, 92 red harvest pails, green harvest container, 17 Bartlett orchard picking containers, 24 flower pails, 28 small red pails, 1000-2 hole COCO grow bags, large quantity of T posts, 33 ft X 14" X 6.75" I beam, 11.5ft X 10"X 5.75" I beam, 3/4 " up to 2" pipe threaders, wood kegs, wood stove, display tables, apple crates, bushel baskets, fatique mats, many articles too numerous to mention.

Not responsible for accidents the day of the sale.
All verbal announcements take precedence over written material.

Cash or Cheque with proper ID. No buyer premium.

Mr & Mrs
Dave & Joy Westelaken
519-317-9671 or 519-494-6022

John & Greg Johnson

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