Saturday January 13 2018
Sale Starts At 10:00 AM

K.W. Khaki Club
2939 Nafziger Road
Wellesley, Ontario

2 miles south of Wellesley

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A Gerber Toy Auction

for Keith Jacobs, Stratford,
Maynard Freeman, Elmira

and additions

Of Tractors, farm machinery, pedal tractors, tractor trailers,
Two cylinder Club Collection, literature and other interesting items

Catalogued for your convenience.
Note that toys marked NIB are "new in box".

Keith Jacobs
1)AC roto-baler 1/16 NIB
2)AC D-21 1/16 NIB
3)AC 745 1/16 NIB
4)Deutz-Allis 4W-305 NIB
5)AC D-19 1/16 NIB
6)2 pickup trucks (AC decals) NIB
7)AC 8550
8)AC One-Ninety console control 1/16
9)AC WD 45 1/16 NIB
10)AC tin tractor trailer
11)AC WD-45 pulling a wagon 1/16 NIB
12)AC D21 with cab and duals 1/16
13)Case of 12 AC Persian Orange spray paint
14)Case of 12 AC Persian Orange spray paint
15)Tru Scale row crop tractor
16)Tru Scale row crop tractor
17)Tru Scale combine
18)Tru Scale row crop with loader
19)Tru Scale wagon
20)Tru Scale harvester
21)Assorted Tru Scale tractors
22)AC WD45 serving tray
23)AC W-45 tin sign
24)AC hats
25)AC wagon 1/16
26)AC wagon 1/16
27)AC assorted small items
28)Deutz Allis 9150 1/16 NIB
29)Precision AC WD-45 wide front 1/16 NIB
30)Deutz-Allis 8010 4wd, 1/16 NIB
31)AC 8030 1/16 NIB
32)Deutz-Allis 9150 1/16 NIB
33)Blue disc with wings 1/16
34)Tru Scale disc
35)Tru Scale disc
36)2 - Tru Scale harrows
37)Tru Scale mower
38)Tru Scale seed drill
39)2 - Tru Scale manure spreaders
40)Tru Scale baler
41)Tru Scale trailers and wagon
42)Tru Scale rake
43)Tru Scale elevator
44)Tru Scale auger
45)Tru Scale 4 furrow plow
46)Tru Scale 2 furrow plow (McCormick decals)
47)Tonka Hydraulic dump truck
48)Deutz-Allis 6240 4wd 1/16 NIB
49)Deutz-Allis 9150 1/16 NIB
50)AC 8010 4wd 1/16 NIB
51)Farm Classics & other AC collectibles
52)Int 1466 Turbo with duals 1/16
53)Huskee gravity bin 1/16
54)Early wagon
55)Int 4 furrow plow 1/16
56)Int manure spreader 1/16
57)Small Int tractors and disc
58)AC disc 1/16 NIB
59)AC WD 45 wind chime NIB
60)Gleaner R6 combine with 2 heads NIB
61)Gleaner L3 combine NIB
62)2 - AC "G"s 1/16 NIB
63)Deutz-Allis 6260 4wd 1/16 NIB
64)AC WD-45 1/16 NIB
65)2 - Deutz-Allis 8030's with duals 1/16 NIB
66)AC D21 1/16 NIB
67)Scale Models Museum, 1988 - row crop tractor 1/16 NIB
68)Farm Machines farm sets NIB
69)25 collector plates (birds, Peter Etril Snyder, etc.)
70)1989 CIFES AC 1/16 NIB
71)1990 CIFES English Fordson 1/16 NIB
72)1991 CIFES MH 44 1/16 NIB
73)1992 CIFES Farmall 1/16 NIB
74)1993 CIFES JD 1/16 NIB
75)1994 CIFES Cockshutt 1555 1/16 NIB
76)1995 CIFES Ford 8N and plow 1/16 NIB
77)AC "RC" 1/16
78)1914 AC 1/16
79)AC "D" (orange)
80)AC "D" (green)
81)AC "C" 1/16
82)AC D14 (plastic)
83)AC D14 1/16
84)AC wagon 1/16 NIB
85)Franklin Mint AC "WC" 1/12 NIB (a must see!)
86)3 AC sweaters
87)AC, Deutz-Allis and other literature
88)AC One-Ninety Console Control 1/16
89)Rumely 1/16
90)Model steam engine with lots of accessories
91)1986 Canada Farm show Farmall 350 1/16
92)AC "B" NIB
93)AC 8010 1/16 NIB
94)AC "WC" 1/16
95)2 Fordson's on steel
96)1988 Deutz-Allis walking plow
97)3 plastic tractors
98)AC "C" on steel
99)AC "C" on steel
100)AC D19 1/16 NIB
101)Deutz-Allis tractor trailer with 2 tractors 1/64 NIB
102)Deutz-Allis tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
103)AC tractor trailer with 2 tractors 1/64 NIB
104)Assorted small tractors, memorabilia, etc.
105)8ft. wooden toy display

Lot A
1)Erb Transport Winross 1995 Int 8300 tractor trailer 1/64
2)2 - Erb Transport 2002 Int 9100 tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
3)Erb Transport 2001 Int Prostar tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
4)2 - Erb Transport 45th Ann. Straight trucks 1/64 (1 - NIB)
5)Erb Transport straight truck
6)Gerber Auctions tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
7)Erb Transport 1959 Int tractor trailer 40th Ann. 1/34 NIB
8)Erb Transport tractor trailer (the one on 1990 Erb Calendar) 1/64 NIB
9)Erb Transport 2015 "Best Fleet" (later Edition) NIB
10)K-Dac tractor trailer (later Edition) NIB
11)Erb Waterloo Farm Toy show bank NIB
12)Erb Transport tractor trailer A.W. Millwrights #22 tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
13)Erb Transport Classic tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
14)23rd Annual Waterloo County Steam Threshers AC tractor trailer (#8 of 120) 1/64 NIB
15)K-DAC tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
16)TSC Farm Auto tractor trailer, tin
17)North American Moving Service tractor trailer, tin
18)Pioneer Brand Products tractor trailer, tin
19)Toys-R-Us tractor trailer, tin
20)Flying J Cab with tanker, tin NIB
21)Napa 75 Years of Excellence, tin NIB
22)Loctite Racing tractor trailer, tin NIB
23)Fuzzy Duster toy duster NIB
24)MF & Get Cracking crests

Lot B
1)Older Home Hardware tractor trailer 1/25? Metal & plastic NIB
2)Ertl Replica Toy Van 1/25 NIB
3)Perterbilt cab only 1/32 NIB
4)Lincoln cement mixer
5)Mill Creek tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
6)Chevy transporter 1/64 NIB
7)Ertl 50th Anniversary tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
8)Scale Models tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
9)Ford 9000 Parts tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
10)Tim's Trucking tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
11)MM Farm Show 1/64 NIB
12)Ertl Toy Truck tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
13)Ford NH tractor trailer (black) 1/64 NIB

14)Agco Allis-Hesston tractor trailer (white) 1/64 NIB
15)Kokanee tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
16)Brigden Fair Moore Township tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
17)MF 1 of 1000 tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
18)Ertl Toys IH 4300 Eagle tractor trailer (old) 1/64 NIB
19)10th Ann. Old Trucks Ontario Chapter 1/64 NIB
20)Yellow Transit tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
21)Mayflower tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
22)Hallmark "Santa's Big Rig" tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
23)6 Home Hardware tractor trailers 1/64 NIB
24)4 Eastwood tractor trailers 1/64 NIB
25)IH flat deck with Cat Challenger 1/64 NIB
26)Co-Op fuel truck 1/64 NIB
27)8 flat beds with 2 tractors on each 1/64 NIB
28)4 straight trucks (Pennzoil, Mack, etc.) 1/64 NIB
29)Laidlaw wrecker 1/64 NIB
30)Ertl Replica Toys tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
31)Schneider's "Famous for Quality" tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
32)Schneider's "Hot, Hot, Hot" tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
33)Home Hardware 50th Ann. Tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
34)Gay Lea tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
35)Dairy Queen tractor trailer 1/43
36)Toy Tractor Times tractor trailer 1/43
37)1st Gear - Mack Semi 1/34 NIB
38)1st Gear - B-^ Dump 1996 Truck Show 1/34 NIB
39)1st Gear - 1952 GMC wrecker 1/34 NIB
40)1st Gear - 1957 IH Fire truck 1/34 NIB
41)1st Gear - 1951 Stake truck 1/34 NIB
42)2 - Home Hardware coin backs NIB
43)11 coin banks (Gay Lea, Elmira & Kitchener Police, KW Hospital, Supertest, Texaco, JD, Case, etc.) all NIB
44)Nylint grader - good
45)JD 630 LP 1/16 NIB
46)Ford 5000 Super Major 1/16 NIB
47)1989 Drayton - JD 80 1/16 NIB
48)Tractor Classics - Case 800 1/16 NIB
49)Farmer Brown Resin tractor NIB
50)SLIK tractor with disc 1/25 NIB
51)Marx large plastic bulldozer - good
52)Marx smaller plastic bulldozer - good
53)Oliver 1800 1/16 (custom)
54)JD 630 1/16 (custom)
55)IH 544 with loader 1/16
56)IH payloader 1/16
57)Resin bulldozer NIB
58)1990 Formosa - JD 5010 1/16 NIB
59)3 wagons
60)Manure spreaders and mower
61)3 Hubley implements
62)Ertl red tractor and disc 1/32
63)Super Tractor (Crawler) NIB
64)JD 7800 with duals 1/16 NIB
65)JD 4450 1/16 NIB
66)AC D-14 1/16 NIB
67)1987 Truck Show bank NIB
68)Fred Ertl Signature set 1/25 NIB

69)Ford 901 with Foxfire driver 1/16 NIB
70)Landini 8530 1/16
71)Great Plains drill 1/16 NIB
72)Thunderbird 1/18 NIB
73)JD "A" Precision 1/16 NIB
74)JD 70 Precision 1/16 NIB
75)50th Ann. Farmall H with driver 1/16 NIB
76)MF 1433 1/16 NIB
77)1989 Essex IPM single furrow plow NIB
78)MF 3660 1/16 NIB
79)Maytag washer 1/6 NIB
80)CIH 7120 1/16 NIB
81)JD mailbox bank (older) NIB
82)IH plow 1/16 NIB
83)Shell tractor tanker 1/64 NIB
84)MF 150th Ann tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
85)MF tractor trailer with 2 tractors 1/64 NIB
86)MF tractor trailer with 6100 & 8100 1/64 NIB
87)MF New Generation tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
88)Ford 901 collector 1/16 NIB
89)40th Ann. Cub Cadet 1/16 NIB
90)MF tractor trailer 1/64 NIB
91)MH tractor trailer with MH 101 Super 1/64 NIB
92)7pc JD tractor set on bubble card, rare
93)Ford truck poster
94)Timberjack log skidder NIB
95)1926 Fire Truck - Tavistock NIB
96)Wooden stake truck, New
97)IPM & Elmira Syrup Festival laminated posters
98)JD 440 snowmobile, no windshield
99)Goodrich & Goodyear ash trays
100)IH 66 Series pedal tractor, custom wide front
101)JD 4020 pedal tractor - good
102)MF pedal tractor - good
103)MF 398 pedal tractor - good
104)Early tin pedal tractor
105)2 small showcases
106)1943 MH calendar, Wingham - good
107)2003 Newcastle Massey show posters
108)"New Favorite" photo
109)MH & Cockshutt combine photo
110)2 hardcover catalogues - machinery & hardware
111)1881 Ont. Ag. Commission book - good
112)Late 1800,s Farmers Encyclopedia
113)1896 horse educator book
114)JD "LA" CTM 1992
115)Assorted 3 in 1 oil cans
116)Maytag oil can
117)Grain Belt beer can
118)DeLaval ash tray
119)JD ash tray
120)Waterloo Manufacturing decal
121)Campbell's Soup sign
122)Gulf Oil sign
123)Modern Crane clock

124)JD lawn sprinkler
125)JD 9600 combine 1/28 NIB
126)Case 1550 dozer 1/16 NIB
127)Case DC-3 1/16 NIB
128)Case DC-4 1/16 NIB
129)JD engine Model E 1/16 NIB
130)Co-Op wheel barrow NIB
131)Case 1170 Foxfire 1/16 NIB
132)DeLaval cream separator NIB
133)Borden's "Divco" truck bank 1/25 NIB
134)Petro Canada tractor trailer 1/64 NIB

Maynard Freeman
1)JD 70 with disc 1/16 NIB
2)JD "H" NIB
3)JD 1953 60 - 175th Ann Edition NIB
4)JD 3252 NIB (Siku, Switzerland)
5)JD cookie Jar Model GP
6)NY Expo 1/25 scale truck NIB
7)JD 110 and X320 lawn tractor 50th Ann. Edition NIB
8)IH snowman ornament NIB
9)JD Limited Edition coin bank NIB
10)Upper Can. Two Cylinder Club 1994 JD 820 1/16 NIB
11)Upper Can. Two Cylinder Club 1995 JD LI 1/16 NIB
12)Upper Can. Two Cylinder Club 1997 JD 720 1/16 NIB
13)Upper Can. Two Cylinder Club 1999 JD "G" 1/16 NIB
14)Upper Can. Two Cylinder Club 2000 JD "B" 1/16 NIB
15)Upper Can. Two Cylinder Club 2002 JD "D" 1/16 NIB
16)Upper Can. Two Cylinder Club 2003 JD 620 1/16 NIB
17)Upper Can. Two Cylinder Club 2004 JD 420 1/16 NIB
18)Upper Can. Two Cylinder Club 2005 JD 520 1/16 NIB
19)Upper Can. Two Cylinder Club 2006 JD "A" 1/16 NIB
20)Upper Can. Two Cylinder Club 2007 JD 830 1/16 NIB
21)Upper Can. Two Cylinder Club 2008 JD 530 1/16 NIB
22)Upper Can. Two Cylinder Club 2009 JD MC Crawler 1/16 NIB
23)Upper Can. Two Cylinder Club 2010 JD 4020 1/16 NIB
24)Upper Can. Two Cylinder Club 2011 JD 70 1/16 NIB
25)Upper Can. Two Cylinder Club 2012 JD 320 1/16 NIB
26)Upper Can. Two Cylinder Club 2014 JD 730 1/16 NIB
27)Upper Can. Two Cylinder Club 2015 JD 3020 1/16 NIB
28)Upper Can. Two Cylinder Club 2016 JD 40 1/16 NIB
29)Upper Can. Two Cylinder Club 2017 1957 Chev 3600 stake truck NIB
30)Upper Can. Two Cylinder Club JD box wagon
31)JD 140 Patio Series set of 4 NIB,s
32)JD 60 NIB
33)JD 40 & 70 Series 50th Ann. Collector set
34)JD 50 & 60 Series 50th Ann. Collector set
35)Porcelain riding mower with driver salt & peppers
36)Upper Can. Two Cylinder Club 15th Ann. Collector plate
37)JD porcelain doll collection
38)2 - Judy Richardson wall portraits
39)Toy cream separator with pails & cream can
40)3 JD hardcover books
41)Robot Bolzensetzer bolt setting tool
42)2 Karcher yard sticks

43)Plastic Boot signs, flag, displays, etc.
44)Door push bar
45)JD oak cabinet (3 shelves)
46)JD "H" alarm clock
47)JD clothing (work boots, coats, vest, hat, etc.)
48)JD Mary's Moo Moo stuffed animal
49)5 t-shirts
50)Dekalb coat with hats
51)Black Red & Yellow sign
52)Full Throttle barn burner sign
53)JD 7520 with disc
54)Chad Little transporter, cars, golf cart, car kit, etc.
55)1941 pickup 1/43
56)JD riding mower with dump trailer
57)JD 110 lawn and garden tractor NIB
58)JD 140 lawn & garden tractor with attachments NIB
59)JD "D" NIB
60)JD 3020 Formosa Toy Show
61)Oliver 990 with GM diesel NIB
62)1996 CIFES AC D-21 NIB
63)MF 1150 with duals NIB
64)1940 Ford truck NIB
65)Vintage picnic basket
66)6 Original NHL Cooke bottles with carry case
67)Vancouver Canucks wooden plague
68)Assorted JD hats
69)Assorted JD metal signs
70)JD Centennial sign 1837-1937
71)JD bags
72)JD parts box
73)JD clock
74)2 sets JD coffee mugs
75)Acrylic beverage set
76)JD mugs
77)bowls, travel mug, salt 7 peppers, etc.
78)15W40 oil can bank
79)80pc. coaster set (silo)
80)Metal plate with stand
81)2004 JD calendar
82)JD jack knife in wooden box
83)JD pocket watch
84)Deer flag
85)2 JD plastic Clocks
86)JD seat cushions
87)Roger Welsch books
88)3 JD lanterns
89)2 JD boxes
90)JD 4430 model kit
** An assortment of literature, magazines, posters, manuals, books, & other memorabilia, etc. to offered after catalogued items.

See for photos.

Cash, debit or cheque with I.D. 10% buyer's premium.

Auctioneers - Gerber Auctions Ltd.
519-699-4451 or 519-698-0138

Thursday January 11 2018
Sale Starts At 10:00 AM

K.W. Khaki Club
2939 Nafziger Road
Wellesley, Ontario

2 miles south of Wellesley

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Auction Sale

Of Quality home furnishings, household goods,
antiques and miscellaneous items

HOUSEHOLD: Arhaus Furniture 4 pc. solid wood queen bedroom suite - excellent. Queen sleigh bed - excellent. Queen box spring & mattress. 2 ornate armoires. Marble top night table. Ralph Lauren parlour table. Seyler's 3pc. solid wood wall unit. Hekman Furniture desk & chair - nice. Coffee & other small tables. Hall table & mirror. Hall bench. Hauser wrought iron table & chair set - good. Patio set - nice. Good area rugs. 27in. TV. Silverware in chest. Tapestry. Mantle clock. Bedding & linen. Dishes. Toys. Small appliances, etc.

ANTIQUES: 12 light flatwall cupboard, 2 drawer, 2 door, raised panels. Corner cupboard. Cupboard with bird's eye maple. 1 pc. storage cupboard. Oak china cabinet c/w bowed front. China cabinets. Hoosier. Bonnet chest. Single spool bed. Oak library. Treadle sewing machine. Press back rocker. Shaving mirror. Pottery (crocks, jugs, T Eaton foot warmer, etc.). Early Imperial Standard bathroom/doctors scale. Gingerbread & other Clocks. Oil lamps. Butter bowl. Royal Albert "Lavender Rose" partial set of china. Prints including Francis Flaming in oak frame. Water colours. Nice selection of china and glass including Moorcroft bowl, RS Prussia bowl, matching RS Prussia tea pot, cream, sugar & bowl, also flo blue, cranberry glass, coloured cornflower vase, early pitchers, sugar shakers, fancy cups & saucers, crystal, etc.

MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS: Craftsman 24in. snow blower, electric start - like new. Toro 190 cc lawn mower, 22 in. self-propelled c/w bagger. Anvil. Child's wagon. Alum. ladders. Large ornate concrete planters. Craftsman shop vac. Battery charger. Hand, power & garden tools. Framing air nailer, hardware, etc.

For photos and other auction news see

Cash, debit or cheque with I.D.
10% buyer's premium.

Auctioneers - Gerber Auctions Ltd.
2827 Hutchison Road
R.R. #1 Millbank, Ontario NOK 1LO

We Strive To Serve You Better

Auctioneering and Appraising
(519) 699-4451 ~ (519) 698-0138 ~ (519)498-7126

Saturday January 06 2018
Sale Starts At 10:00 AM
Multiple Previews As Noted In Ad


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A Kidd Family Auction




Antiques: settee; Chatham cabinet; library chair; bow back chair; tin front cabinet; bobsled; side tables; drop front desk; meat cutter; dresser; 1880-1920 Italian mandolin w/original canvas case; butter churns; table top scales; windows; wall phone, very good; Asian stacking tables with ivory/jade inlay; Asian screen; plow;

Collectibles: Beaver peanut dispenser; cast bell; misc old post cards & stamps; 2x wood wheelbarrows; measure mixer; oil lamps; crates, coke etc; blowtorches; snowshoes; crocks w/ labels; binoculars; planes; Indian carving set; Blue Mtn Pottery; coloured glass dishes; luster ware; pyrex; cameras; Laurel honey tins; Kodak timer; childs tin toys, typewriter, sewing machine; cash register; phone; 1976 Plowing Match poster; Canadian Tire 1967 centennial catalog; Grace Kelly paper doll set, like new; Coke magazine ads; pop bottles;

ArtM: misc prints/oils;

Household: vintage arborite table; vintage card tables; wrought iron plant stand; lamps; repro antique dining table w/ 10 chairs, hutch, beautiful; stacking tables; braided rugs; pine mirrors;

Other: jewellry, diamond/aquamarine ladies ring; watch; vintage bike; antique & new toys; German, shortwave (?) radio; nail keg; childs fire chief pedal car; tin carriage; rocking horses; vintage luggage; fedora; wagon; violins; clarinet; balalaika; wood water skis; medicine cabinet; childs Scottish tin lunch box; records, some new in pkg; Clocks; brass & SS cutlery/serving set; apt size piano (tuned); wagon wheel;

Many more desirable items, too many to list them all!!

Call, text or email anytime!! ~ 519-938-7499 ~ 519-938-1315

Thursday January 04 2018

103043 Grey Rd. 18, 5 kms South of Owen Sound, just East of the Rockford stoplights

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Excellent Original Canadian & International Art,
Antique & Contemporary Furniture, Clocks,
Advertising & Other Collectibles, Snowmobiles & More!

Begins Closing: THURSDAY, JANUARY 4, 2017 at 6:30 P.M.
Preview: Tuesday, January 2 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or by Appointment
Pickup: Friday, January 5 from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Featuring Listed Canadian & International Art by: William Ronald, Manly MacDonald, Bernice Fenwick Martin, Horace Valentine Vick, Herman Courtens, Henry Bright, Lorne Dwinnell, Paul Shilling, Leo Etherington and many others.

Plus: 2011 Ski-Doo & 2012 Polaris snowmobiles; Ford F-150 4x4 Pickup Truck; Vintage Wooden Boat w/Trailer; 5' x 7' Cargo Trailer; Utility Tailer; Quality Antique & Contemporary Home Furnishings & Effects; Excellent Selection of Original Antique, Contemporary & Vintage Artwork and Frame Prints; Glass & China; Jewelry, Coins & Currency; Floor & Table Lamps; Nice Selection of Antique & Vintage Collectibles; Antique & Vintage Floor, Wall, Mantle, & Desk Clocks; Lawn & Garden Items; Tools & Much More From Area Estates & Consignors.

Remarks: A fabulous offering to start the New Year. Over 900 lots! Visit our website for catalog, bidding, and full terms.

519-376-8317 ~
103043 Grey Road 18, Owen Sound, ON N4K 5N6

Saturday December 30 2017
Sale Starts At 10:00 AM

Hume's Auction Farm
9313 Esquesing Line
Milton, Ontario

Turn N. from Steeles Ave. on Esquesing Line (at Milton water tower). Watch for signs.

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PARTIAL LISTING ONLY: Outstanding Cherry 2 drawer harvest table, Set of 6 caned seat PB chairs, Longcase Vienna regulator wall clock, Pair of Victorian his & hers balloon back chairs, Victorian settee, Pair of end tables, Small dropleaf table, Hanging HP parlour lamp w/prisms & oil font, Several Trisha Romance Limited Edition print including "Schomberg Homestead", "Winter Twilight", "White Christmas", "Harrop Homestead", etc; Selection of Antique Oil lamps, 2 Victorian footstools, 1911 Native Indian Lithos, Case of SP flatware, Bohemian glass lustres, Two large Royal Worcester Evesham canisters, Seaman's hat (HMS Victory), Satin Glass pieces, French Ivory, Limited Edition prints including Walter Campbell, James Lumbers, Carole Black, etc; Seltzer bottles, Glass front china cabinet, RAF picture & china, Early B & G plates, Clocks, Military paperweights, pins & badges, Primitive checkerboard, Antique books, SP pieces Captain's chair, Pine side table, Antique keys, Various pictures & pints, Sterling pieces, Wicker porch rocker, Decoys & shorebirds, Collection of Ruby souvenir glass pieces, Folding corner metal shelf, Round oak pedestal table w/leaf, Set of 4 gunstock chairs w/caned seats, Glass beaded purse, Several bone china cups & saucers, Deco vanity & gents dresser, Selection of antique & vintage watches, Estate & costume jewellery, Perfumes, Shaving mirror stand, Enamel top table, Cream cans, Toleware, Shoe lace display, Selection of early picture frames, Trunk, Furniture hardware, Pine bench, Old weight scale, Uph. Side chair, J & H parlour table & side chairs, Wicker fern stand, Antique cradle, Oak rocking horse, Mahogany dresser, Sewing cabinet, Pair of caned seat chairs, Ref. parlour table, Set of nesting tables, RD Bunnykins, 4 oak dining room chairs, Pink Depression pitcher & glasses, Early pottery including crocks, mixing bowls & storage containers, Depression Era cocktail shakers, Hughes Cornflower pieces, Antique bottles incl. marble top, Bennington pieces, Transferware, Cranberry & Art Glass pieces, Art pottery, Blue opalescent, Depression Era mixing bowl sets, Vintage kitchenware items, Oriental vase, Early lamp table, Carnival Glass, plus many unlisted items.

AUCTIONEER'S REMARKS: Mary & Jim were longtime members of the Milton community and avid antique collector's. A sale not to be missed. Check back the evening before the auction on our website for updated pictures of the auction setup. Hope you can join us and a Happy New Year to all of our auction friends.

Cash , Debit, Mastercard, Visa with Proper I.D.
10% Buyer's Premium.
Owner, Auctioneer or Hume's Auction Farm are not responsible
for accidents or property loss day of sale.

Preview from 8:30 A.M. day of sale.

Lunch Available

(905) 854-3577 (905)-854-5794
See us at

Wednesday December 27 2017
Sale Starts At 10:30 AM
Preview 8:30 AM

Hume's Auction Farm
9313 Esquesing Line
Milton, Ontario

Turn N. from Steeles Ave. on Esquesing Line (at Milton water tower). Watch for signs.

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Sale consisting of Antique Furnishings, Quality Glass & China,
Early Lamps & Hanging Lighting, Art, Aladdin Lamps, Hughes Cornflower,
Vintage Toys, Estate Jewellery, Nostalgia, Primitives,
Decorative Antiques & Collectibles

PARTIAL LISTING ONLY: Beautiful carved wardrobe with mirrored front, Ref. Oak mirrored back sideboard, Scarce T. Henderson, Milton Blue Floral Crock, Set of 4 figured Maple caned seat dining chairs, Primitive pine butter churn, Early firescreen, Early Walnut dresser, Parlour tables, Oak hall mirror, Pressed back nursing rocker, Ladies writing desk, Columbia Gramophone, Rosewood Gramophone cabinet, Railroad lamp w/original bracket, CN Jasper National Park Picture, Aboriginal poster, Edison phonograph print, Framed Japanese silk, Walnut plant stand, Excellent Inuit sculpture by Adamie Papyarluk 13 ½" tall, Early train set, Great selection of EAPG water pitchers, covered comports, etc; Sterling flatware, Webbley & Scott RCAF flare pistol, Great selection of military bayonet's, daggers & swords; Deco smoker's stand, Several great paintings incl. H.S. Palmer "Northern Lake" (22 X 27) oil on canvas, Theo F. McFall "Purple Grapes" (24 X 30), W. Pranke oils, 2 Joroanuus Vandervliet landscapes, W.F. Griffiths "Cabin at the Haliburton", 3 Edwin Mathew's Lithos, George Thomson "Muskoka Falls", Hortense M. Gordon abstract, Jason Ninguit "Off to Hockey" ,plus others; An impressive selection of Aladdin lamps incl. Ruby Beehive, Lincoln Drape, Veritque, Quilted, Decalmania, Cathedral, Corinthian, Colonial, Washington Drape, plus metal Aladdin's; Royal Albert "Lavender rose" setting for 6 & serving pcs, Royal Crown Derby setting for 5, Large Murano pedestal taza signed "Gino Cenedese" vase and large blue bowl, Val St. Lambert signed candlesticks, Paperweights, Beehive sealer, Military photos, Murano bowl & fish, Limoges cocoa pots, Early cast coffee grinder, Art Deco mantle Clocks, Tin & wood planes, Fenton pieces, Cups & saucers incl. Shelley, Large Limoges cobalt urn, Bohemian & Czech. Art glass, Several brass & cast library lamps w/HP shades, Figurines incl. Herand & Hutschenreuther, Cast dog doorstop, Quebec hooked rug, Jet Rail Express windup w/stand, Vict. Glass pieces, German Johnny tin climbing sailor, M4 combat tank with box, Tipp Co. Windup sedan (1925), Bluebird windup tin car (boxed), 76 pieces of Royal Crown Derby "Blue Mikado", Figural oil & banquet lamps, Occasional tables, Ornate pickle cruet, Banquet & GWTW oil lamps, Pattern, stand & hand lamps, Glass chains, Art Nouveau double inkwell set, Port Neuf bowls, Stained glass & brass table lamp, Cast floral, dog & girl doorstops, Selection of Royal Worcester Evesham, Vintage wooden box, Japan windup toys incl. cats, animals & figural, Cranberry hanging hall lamp, Native stained glass window, Trisha Romance Ltd. Edition "Cat Nap", Carnival Glass, Vaseline opal. Pieces, Vintage tin cars & trucks, Assortment of sterling incl. bowls, plates, salters, dishes, flatware & serving pieces; Estate & Costume jewellery incl. gold , silver & amber: rings, bracelets, broaches, necklaces, etc; Great selection of Art Glass incl. Cranberry, Shelley cake stand, Amethyst Art Deco floral bowl w/nude, Art Nouveau cobalt perfume w/nude, Waterford muffineer, Moser vase w/pheasant cutting, Rogers "Montclair" cutlery set, Great selection of coloured & crystal Hughes Cornflower incl. scarce and unusual serving pieces, Art Nouveau 16" SP vase , Masonic sword, Cut crystal claret jug w/silver top, Large Moorcroft vase, Elegant glass pieces, Ice blue figural powder jar, Cambridge Crown Tuscan flying nude centre bowl, Eaton's kids wagon, Unusual sewing machine, Open mantle clock, Slag glass table lamp, T. Eaton sealer jars, E. Canada pottery pieces, Hughes Cornflower punch set, plus unlisted items.

AUCTIONEER'S REMARKS: As always this is one of our premium offerings hand selected from longtime collectors and local estates. This is a partial listing only. See our website the evening before the sale for updated setup pictures. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!

Cash, Debit, Mastercard, Visa. with Proper ID 10%
Buyer's Premium.
Owner, Auctioneer or Hu
me's Auction Farm are not responsible
for accidents or property loss day of sale.

Preview from 8:30 A.M. day of sale.

Lunch Available

(905) 854-3577 (905)-854-5794

Saturday December 16 2017
Sale Starts At 10:00 AM
Multiple Previews As Noted In Ad

Bowman Auction Centre
7213 Line 86
Wallenstein, Ontario

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Large Indoor Estate Auction

for the Estate of Grace Martin of Elmira
with additions

Appliances, Furniture, Antiques, Tools, etc.

Equipment: 9' double auger Lucknow snowblower (NICE); 25 kw Winpower pto generator; ride-on electric pallet mover.

Snowmobile, Scooter, Snowblowers, Boat: 1989 Yamaha SR5 snowmobile, twin cylinder, air cooled; Piagglo 2 wheel gas powered scooter (LIKE NEW); aluminum row boat; Toro snow thrower; variety of walk-behind snowblowers.

Shop Tools: Large steel work table on wheels; stainless table on wheels; 5 shelf unit on wheels; Lincoln stick welder; floor model and bench top drill press; 5hp twin cylinder horizontal air compressor; radial arm saw; skilsaws; 6" bench grinder; large bench vice; sandblaster; 1/2" electric impact gun; cutting torch heads; air impact guns; socket sets; wrench sets; bolt bins; table saws; metal cutting bandsaw; shop vac; fiberglass step ladder; 4 section locker unit; 220V heaters; 5th wheel truck hitch; large electric commercial paint sprayer; tables full of good useful hand tools, too much to list; 2 farm wagon loads of new hardware.

Appliances: Speed Queen twin tub washer; large upright freezer; 30" Maytag gas stove; 30" electric coil top stove; 2 - small chest freezers; bar fridge.

Furniture: 4pc. bookcase light coloured waterfall bedroom set; 4pc. double size maple bedroom set; 3pc. waterfall bedroom set; tall 2 door wardrobe; 3 door oak china cabinet w/ pie shelf; 4 door light coloured china cabinet; double size white steel bed complete; double sized maple bed complete; large wood office desk w/ matching credenza; double pedestal oak dining table w/ 4 leaves; book shelves; floral sofa sets; leather LazyBoy recliner; glider rocker; brown sofa bed; maple table w/ 4 chairs; 4 drawer file cabinets; dressers; night stands; blanket boxes; nesting tables; grandfather clock; butcher block table.

Antiques: Cross cut saw; platform scale; school desk; Hosier cupboards; swing mirror dressers; treadle sewing machine (NICE); buffet w/ fancy back splash (NICE); wash stands w/ harps; set of pressback chairs; child's rocker; extension table w/ 5 leaves; large blanket box; assortment of wood chairs; 3/4 bed complete; variety of small tables; doll beds; copper boiler; and more.

Miscellaneous.: Stainless steel mixing bowls (NEW); micro velour blankets (NEW); dolls; floor matts; stainless kettles; wall Clocks (NEW); mantle Clocks; lamps; bedding; kids toys; electric wheel chair; large variety of ice skates; hockey sticks; skiis; pre-lit Christmas trees; lunch coolers; and lots more.

Notes: A very full auction. Selling with 2 auction rings. Lots of unlisted items. Lunch booth on site. Delivery available if needed. Preview is Friday from 1:30pm-5:00pm and doors open Saturday at 8:45am.

Cash or cheque w/ proper I.D


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