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Saturday March 11 2017
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51570 Lyons Line
Springfield, Ontario

8 kms north of Aylmer on HWY #73 then 5 kms east of Lyons on Lyons Line OR 14 kms south of the 401 HWY on the Putnam Rd.

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Selling for a Private Collector

GAS PUMPS/GLOBES: Gilbarco -Texaco Green T; Wayne Texaco Fire Chief; Red Indian Globe -repro.

SIGNS: Pepsi Cola; 7-Up; Notice to Hunters; Magic Baking Powder Palm Press; Shur-Gain; BF Goodrich; Firestone; Coca-Cola; Black Horse Beer; AA Fertilizers Flange; DeLaval; Waterloo Insurance; Canada Dry; Guernsey Breeder; Pioneer Seeds; Patz; Railroad; Airport; Ka-Ko Soda Pop; Buckingham; Esso; Valvoline; P-A-G Dealer; O'Keefe's Ginger Beer; Remington Ammo; Goodyear; O'Vienna; Labatt's; Kodak; CCM; Dominion Brewery; Lundy Fence; Springfield Riding Mowers; On Draughts; Imperial Individual Letters.

CLOCKS: Shur-Gain; Fram; Canada Dry; Labatt's; Bower Roller Bearings; Dr. Pepper; Coca-Cola; Champion Spark Plugs.

LIGHT UPS: Walker Mufflers; New Holland; Barber Shop; Black Label Beer; Willard Batteries; Canada Dry.

THERMOMETERS: 7-Up; Coca-Cola; Petro Canada; Texaco; John Labatt; Orange Crush; Master Portable Heater; Pickseed; Bell Telephone; Sun Dairy; George Wraith Farm Machinery (Goderich); Xtra Vim Supplements (Dorchester); En-Ar-Co Slate Boy; Gulf; Supertest & White Rose Pole Thermometers.

RACKS, CABINETS, DISPENSERS: Hires Root Beer; Campbell's Soup; Ice Tea; Cosom Outboard Motor Rack and Pins; C.I.L. 22 Ammunition Wall Cabinet; United Delco Tune-up Cabinet; Holley Carburator Parts Cabinet; Weatherhead Hose Cabinet; Eveready Battery Rack; Coca-Cola bottle stand; Firestone Tire Display; Goodyear; BF Goodrich & Michelin Tire Stands.

OIL BOTTLES: Red Indian Pint& Quart; Shell; Sunoco; Plain Bottles; Wire Carry Bottle Holders.

GAS AND OIL CANS: Red Indian Aviation; B/A; Kendall; Veedol; Castrol; Esso; Co-Op; International Harvester; Quaker State; Sunoco; Shell; Reliance; Canadian Tire; Bulldog; Fina; Gulf; Elgin; Whiz; GM; Firestone; Ford; Prestone; Supertest; BP; Artic Cat; Handy Oilers; B/A 5 gal. bulk can

OTHER CANS: Peanut Butter, Lard, Crown Syrup, Schneiders, Candy, Harley Davidson Beer, Numerous Coffee Tins, Honey Tins, Tobacco Tins, Cigar Boxes and Misc. General Store.

CALENDARS: Hires Root Beer, Orange Crush, Kik Cola, Royal Bank, B/A, Remington Ammo, Durham Creamery, Lundy Fence, Hills Dairy (Meaford), R.C. Thompson (Lynden), Farrow Motors/Regent (Hamilton), Roly's Delivery (London), Bruce Williams (Norwich), Red Indian

LITERATURE, BOOKS, PHOTOS: Red Indian Service Station Photo, Oxford Fruit Co-Op Photo (Woodstock), 1944 Red Indian Old Timers Club Certificate, Texaco Canada Lubrication Booklets, Red Indian Bulletin, Red Indian Maps, Red Indian Envelopes, Red Indian Invoices, 1944 Otaco Catalogue, Farm Booklets, Various Maps, Blotters

MISCELLANEOUS: Oil Can Stands, Scales, Case Machinery Puzzle, B/A Tanker Truck, B/A 1950-60's die cut Service Station, Salesman Sample Bathtub (Port Hope), B/A Clipboard, I H McCormick Cast Door (Hamilton), Intersection Street Lights, Purina Tube Feeder, Labatt's Beer Tray, Coca-Cola Trays, Coca-Cola Glasses, BP Coats, Planter's Peanut Jar, Beaver Gas/Oil Flag

LARGE NUMBER OF SMALLS: Red Indian Service Pin, Massey Ferguson 10K Gold Pin, Imperial Oil 30 Year 14K Gold Pin, Chauffeur Badges, Ontario Safety League Pins, Transportation Safety Award Pins, Pocket Knives, McColl Bros. Tank Measure, Red Indian Decks of Cards, McColl-Frontenac Small Record, Various Cigarette Lighters including Pepsi, Sealtest, B/A, Printer's Blocks, Match Safes, Paper Weights, Change Trays, Fina Seals, B/A Spark Plugs, Banks, Salt and Pepper Gas Pumps, Addtiional Small Lots of Red Indian, Shell, B/A, Texaco, Firestone, Goodrich, White Rose, Gulf, Cities Service, Supertest, BP, Esso, Labatts, Coca-Cola.



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